Case Study: HVAC Leasing

Young woman enjoying her AC.
Young woman enjoying her AC.

Saulsbury Hill Financial has built a long-standing vendor relationship with a multi-billion dollar company, with over eighty (80) operating companies in 170 locations in the HVAC – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning – business. Our focus is on providing customer financing for their sales. 

We were introduced to a salesman at one of this vendor’s operating companies, who has a relationship with an assisted living facility with over 250 apartments and accommodations. This facility needed to finance about $1 Million in HVAC equipment. The equipment was mission critical, though the customer didn’t have the cash on hand to pay out of pocket. The salesperson introduced the Saulsbury Hill Financial team to the customer’s CFO and we managed the entire financing process.

Our hands on approach starts with gathering the credit and project information and quoting payment options to the lessee. Our team then builds a credit file to secure prompt credit approval. We then work with the customer’s legal counsel to prepare lease documentation. We finish the process by closing the lease and paying the vendor 100% non-recourse cash, allowing them to complete the sale without significant delays to their installation timeline.

We have since completed five (5) leases for the above mentioned lessee and three (3) of those were for sales made by the original vendor. Our streamlined lease process serves the lessee with multiple repayment options and the vendor with a cash sale: a “win/win” all around.

Madison S. Faulkner
Communications Director
Saulsbury Hill Financial

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