Energy Costs Impacting You

There’s so much to process this week. It can be overwhelming so let’s just look at two statistics and their impact to you: From 1/3/22 to 2/23/22 the benchmark 10-Year T-Bill is up over 22% making your 10 year $1 Million MUNI lease more expensive by more than $21 Thousand over a 10 year term and that arrow is going up.

If you’re heating your home with gas and want to compare Year Over Year, your cost is up too – my February 2022 XCEL bill was $390 vs. February 2021 at $280. How about your building?

Yes, supply chain and labor issues also impact our ability to manage these challenges and getting started on a project today vs. tomorrow will only save you money in the cost of energy and the cost of capital. Remember what Churchill said,

I never worry about action, but only inaction.”

David J. Clamage, Managing Director

These data are solely the opinion of Saulsbury Hill Financial, LLC and do not reflect the opinions, guidance or recommendations of any other entity or person(s).

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