Energy Costs Impacting You

There’s so much to process this week. It can be overwhelming so let’s just look at two statistics and their impact to you: From 1/3/22 to 2/23/22 the benchmark 10-Year T-Bill is up over 22% making your 10 year $1 Million MUNI lease more expensive by more than $21 Thousand over a 10 year term and that arrow is going up.

If you’re heating your home with gas and want to compare Year Over Year, your cost is up too – my February 2022 XCEL bill was $390 vs. February 2021 at $280. How about your building?

Yes, supply chain and labor issues also impact our ability to manage these challenges and getting started on a project today vs. tomorrow will only save you money in the cost of energy and the cost of capital. Remember what Churchill said,

I never worry about action, but only inaction.”

David J. Clamage, Managing Director

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