The Price of Inaction

We are all guilty of indulging in the comfort of “the same old thing”. We drive the same route to the office, drink our coffee the same way – a Bialetti and vanilla milk for me, and use the same “tried and
true” techniques in running our businesses. However, are they really tried and true or have we convinced ourselves that’s the case?

I wrote my first lease in 1976 and that’s a darned long time ago: We typed the documents by hand, did our calculations with this massive blue book called the Financial Compound Interest and Annuity Tables
and sending stuff by FAX was a new thing. And it all worked just fine: Customers got financed, vendors got paid, and projects were completed and I thought the FAX machine was magical. And while all of that
works today, the inaction of not keeping up will stifle the way we run our businesses, schools and communities. We need to drive a new route to the office!

The technological revolution is well under way and we have to keep up – if not stay ahead. Like Churchill said, “I never worry about action, but only about inaction.” The pending recession may breed paralysis for some where others will dig deeper than simple metrics like ROI or IRR to find what works best for them, their stakeholders and customers. I hope you’ll join me in ordering that new cup of coffee – after all, trying something new is always “tried and true”.

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