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Welcome to our new website! Our team of experts, lead by David J. Clamage, will be providing periodic articles on industry news, financing best practices and more. Drop us a line in the comments below about what you’d like to see show up on our blog page. Saulsbury Hill Financial has been in business since 1976. Based out of Denver, CO, SHF provides financing for state & local governments and commercial customers to economically win the equipment and projects you need to serve your communities and businesses.

You deserve a tailored approach to financing when it comes to essential equipment and project needs. At SHF, we work collaboratively with your team to deliver customized options.


With over 45 years combined experience in the marketplace, you can trust the SHF team to guide you through the financing of facility upgrades.

Your best interests are our #1 priority and we maintain honest, professional communications at every step of your project’s timeline.

Our expertise is accessible 24/7 

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Madison S. Faulkner, Communications Director

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