The Future is Renewable Energy

America is now diversifying from a carbon/oil based economy as we now have the tools, technologies and investment capital to make a shift to a clean and sustainable model for the future.  Saulsbury Hill Financial, LLC has created a specialized practice within our thirty-two year old business – Renewable Energy Financial, LLC – and our mandate is to bring the best in project investment to you and the movement to a new world of clean and renewable energy.

We keep our skills and know-how up to date in areas such as:

  • Federal and State Tax Credits and Depreciation  
    • Applying these dollars to lower the total cost of energy
  • State and Local Rebates and Incentives  
  • Changing legal and tax environments
Our focus in renewable energy serves all sectors of the market – Commercial Customers; Federal, State and Local Governments; and, the 501(c)(3) “not for profit” sector – including healthcare and education.  We have completed projects including…
  • Lease and Loan Funding with the tax-credits remaining with the Customer  
  • Operating Leases when the tax-credits are vested with the Lessor for a  lower cost to the Host or Customer  
  • Governmental Lease Financing
  • Federal Leasing under the FEMP, FAR and DFAR models  
  • Municipal Finance with non-appropriation
  • PPA, (Power Purchase Agreement), / ESA, (Energy Service Agreement), Models  with the tax-credits vested with the System Owner. Then we own the project, as  an embedded utility v. a lender or lessor, keeping the debt off the Customer’s  financial statement.
In fact, we completed our first Photovoltaic project in 2005 and we have learned quite a bit over these years - that familiarity we share with you to add our collective experience to the equation.  After all, no two projects are ever alike…why shouldn't financing solutions also be tailored to each project and engineered with the same attention to detail.