Federal Leasing

The world’s largest buyer of goods and services is the United States Federal Government and while the processes and procedures they have in place can appear complex, we will be your guide to increasing your sales volume, profit margin and work to build a strong relationship with a great customer.

Like any business, the government has both capital allocated to its budget and operating expense monies.  Using the right finance tool helps your federal agency customer extend their dollars to fulfill a critical mission or get that needed piece of equipment to make their job easier and more productive.  In Federal Government finance there are five basic techniques for you to increase your business with the virtually all agencies of the Federal Government:

Federal Leases:  This is just like it sounds – the government leases or rents equipment for any number of reasons such as avoiding technological obsolescence, budget tightening and more.  These leases allow you to provide financing to your customer and receive a cash payment for your sale.

Energy Savings – Performance Contract:  Like private business, the government also needs to save energy and using the FEMP, (Federal Energy Management Program), and both traditional ESPC, (Energy Savings – Performance Contract), finance and UESC, (Utility Energy Service Contract), qualified vendors from this sector offer terms as long as 25 years to finance sales of equipment that will reduce government energy expense.

SISC:  The Shared-In-Savings Contract is a great tool where you and the government share in the risk and reward of deploying new tools, technology and techniques to save time, money, maintenance and more.

FSC:  Federal Service Contracts are where your company is recognized by the government as having special skills or talent that they wish to take advantage of – paying you over time for your expertise that helps them achieve their operational goals

Saulsbury Hill Financial has experience with these forms of finance and is here to share this knowledge with you.