Municipal FAQ

Q: What is a tax-exempt municipal lease?
A: A tax-exempt lease allows Municipal Governments and Not for Profit 501(c)(3) entities to acquire equipment essential to their operation at a rate lower than conventional or commercial loans.  A tax-exempt municipal lease is fast and does not require voter approval.

Q: Which entities qualify for tax-exempt leases?
A: Any State, County, City, School or Special District including their agencies and Not for Profit 501(c)(3) entities.  Non-profit agencies require a conduit issuer- Saulsbury Hill Financial, LLC is expert on.

Q:What type of equipment can be leased with a tax-exempt lease?
A: Any equipment that is essential to the operation of the Municipality may be leased as tax-exempt.

Q:What is the difference between Bank Qualified and Non-Bank Qualified?
A: Bank Qualification means “Does the Public Agency reasonably expect to issue less than $10,000,000 in tax-exempt debt during the current calendar year?” Saulsbury Hill Financial funds both bank-qualified and non-bank qualified municipal leases and the difference is very subtle – with absolutely no obstacle to our serving your needs.

Q:What is Non-Appropriation?
A: Non-Appropriation allows a Public Agency to cancel the lease annually if sufficient funds are not appropriated for payments during the next fiscal year. This protects our government customers from tax shortfalls and budget constraints.

Q:Is there an end of term purchase option?
A: Yes, a $1, (one dollar), purchase option is a documented component of all Municipal Leases funded by Saulsbury Hill Financial, LLC


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